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How To Pair TAP2 Watch To A Phone For The First Time:

October 24, 2022 2 min read

How to pair TAP2 watch to a phone and sync the time on the watch:

Before you start the following procedure, please make sure you charge the watch battery and turn on the Bluetooth and Cellular Data on your phone, which can be found under Settings.

If you can’t see full signup or Sign in screen, you need to reduce the font size to see the full screen during setup. Please go to Settings and select Display & Brightness for iPhone or Display for Android phone. Then, select Text size for iPhone or Font size and style for Android phone. Set the Text or Font size to the middle. You should be able to see the full menu screen.

1. Visit www.anycare.cc using your phone

2. Select the download link, App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android phones, in the middle of the Home screen

3. Download the “AnyCARE Family Connect” app from the app store and open the app from your phone

4. Accept the phone setup related permissions

5. Select Sign Up and enter the required information. If you can’t see the Sign Up button, please scroll up the Sign Up/Sign In screen.

6. Select User, as a watch owner or family member

7. Select “Connect” button at the middle of the Home screen

8. Select “Bluetooth Paring” button

9. Select the TAP2 to pair the watch with the phone. If multiple TAP2 devices are displayed, select the MAC Address with the last 4 digits from your watch. Your watch’s MAC address is at the My Watch screen, which can be displayed by scrolling up from the Home screen

10. The app will initiate the syncing process, which takes less than 1 min with normal cellular coverage & Internet

11. Once it completes the initialization, the watch will display correct time and your name and phone number will appear on My Watch screen.

12. You can click the Sync icon on the Home screen if your data on the app is not current

Note: If your phone does not have enough memory space, the app can’t be downloaded to your phone. You may be able to increase the available memory space by selecting “Optimize Now” button under SETTING/Device Care on the Android phone.

If there is Internet speed limitation, it will take long time to Sync the data or fail to sync the data during initialization. If you have the Sync problem, you may move the phone for better cellular or WiFi coverage or reset the phone power.

If you use an Android phone, please see the following note:

Android phones close the app during background operations and disconnect the Bluetooth for battery optimization frequently. You can find many articles related to “how to stop android from closing my apps in background” from Google search, but it’s a phone model dependent complicated procedure and don’t work usually.

Even without the Bluetooth connection, the watch will run and display the health data 24/7. The phone will update the data whenever the Bluetooth is reconnected. Please leave the TAP app open during shower or sleep for urgent help messaging via Bluetooth.