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AnyCARE is a nimble and innovative senior care solutions provider.  Most seniors want to remain in their homes for as long as possible, so there is a need for low cost senior care solutions to support independent living. The longer people can remain mobile and care for themselves, the lower the costs for long-term care to families and society.

It’s important for seniors to maintain mobility for independent living. However the physical changes of aging increase the fall risks for older adults. The CDC reports that people aged 65+ have a greater than 25% chance of falling. If someone falls once, their chance of falling again doubles. Falls are a leading cause of lost independence and ability. Seniors often are not able to recover from the trauma, their overall health declines, and their care needs increase significantly.

It’s not possible to prevent all falls, but it’s possible for seniors to take actions that will reduce the chance of serious fall. The purpose of the AnyCARE Tap smartwatch and its service is to encourage seniors to take a daily walk, pay attention to their vital parameters for early detection of potential health problems and provide an emergency medical alert connection.

We hope to make positive a impact for healthy aging with AnyCARE solutions.