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No, AnyCARE TAP2 is Not a medical device and is Not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease or medical condition.

Family members or caregiver(s) in remote locations can see the user’s vital signs collected from the TAP2 Health Monitor watch through the AnyCARE Family Connect app installed on their smartphones. The Family Connect service is to give peace of mind to the family when they can’t visit their mother, for example in a senior living facility because of COVID pandemic restrictions. Family members can see the daily and historical trend of their mother’s body temperature, heart rate, exercise level, sleep status, blood oxygen level and heart rate variability (HRV). They will also receive an alert message in case any of the vitals spike out of a set range.

Medical Alert service is included in the $8.99 monthly subscription with the Family Connect service. Medical alert service allows the user to send a help message to the family or caregiver by double tapping the SOS screen on the TAP2 watch. The family members and caregivers listed in the AnyCARE app will receive the SOS message and the user’s location information to provide the necessary help to the user. This service enables the wearer to send out a help message when they can’t get to a nearby phone due to an injury after a fall.

AnyCARE provides a desktop portal to business customers, such as a senior living facility or school. The dashboard in the portal shows the status of all residents wearing the TAP2 health monitor in the facility and displays any alerts generated by the TAP2.

Yes. There is monthly service fee for the wearer of our device of $8.99 for both the Family Connect and medical alert services combined. There is no limit on how many family members can view the wearer’s vitals from their smart phone. Our cost is significantly lower than the typical monthly fee of $25 or more offered from other brands, that offer far less features.

AnyCARE TAP2 uses a Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) protocol to communicate with the smartphone. For optimum battery operation AnyCARE TAP2 will maintain the BLE connection up to approximately 20 feet and will send a vibration alert to the TAP2 smartwatch in case it loses the BLE connection with the smartphone. It will reconnect to the smartphone once the distance from the smartphone is less than 20 feet.

There are two aspects of the AnyCARE TAP2 operations, one for activity and health data collection and another for the medical alert function. The activity and health data tracking will not be impacted by a poor cellular signal. This data communication is through the Bluetooth connection between the TAP2 watch and smartphone.

The second is the outreach to the users emergency contacts. AnyCARE TAP2 connects with the users mobile phone (via Bluetooth) to send messages with and location to their emergency contacts. If your phone does not have a wireless connection then the SOS call and message will not be sent.

The activity and health data will be retained in the AnyCARE TAP2 up to 30 days and the smartphone will retrieve the data from the TAP2 watch once reconnected within 30 days. However without the Bluetooth connection the TAP2 watch cannot send an emergency message call to the wearer’s contacts. It’s very important to make sure the TAP2 watch maintains the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone at all times to enable the medical alert functions.

No, your GPS coordinates will only be sent when you activate SOS call - and only to those you designate as your emergency contacts.

User privacy is of the utmost concern for us. We've secured our infrastructure with powerful encryption so your data is always private and safe. Our system is consistently updated with the latest security patches and our network's firewall is constantly monitored to prevent unwanted visitors. In addition, we do not store or retain your location information other than using it for alert purposes.

Yes. AnyCARE TAP2 can be used as a health monitor smartwatch without the monthly service contract.

Yes, The TAP2 received GCC certification for US market and CE for European market.

Yes, but there is limitations in test-to-911 service areas.  Our platform and service goal is to provide firsthand help to the senior from their family member, caregiver or neighbor first, who can then determine if a call to 911, is necessary.

We've taken preventative measures to limit accidental triggers. The SOS screen may in seldom cases pop up by accident, but it will not initiate the SOS call unless the user taps the SOS screen twice.

The battery lasts more than 10 days. 

We provide a 1 year warranty for any hardware failures. The software will be updated over-the-air for any bug fix or update.

Yes, it meets IP67 water proof requirements. You can take shower with the TAP2 watch. 

Please contact us at sales@anycare.cc for any further questions.