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Business Solutions

Business Solutions Using AnyCARE Tap and Service Platform for

  • Coronavirus Protection for Senior Living Facilities: Monitoring the body temperature or blood oxygen level of all residents and caregivers, and providing any low blood oxygen alert or high temperature alert depending on the Tap model for the facility manager to take care of the safety of their senior residents and workers proactively.
  • Work Place Protection Solutions under Coronavirus Pandemic: Monitoring temperature of all workers who have high risk of exposure to coronavirus by the nature of their job, such as nurses and doctors, and employees who need to face many customers every day. These peoples need to be protected not only for themselves, but also not to spread the virus to others. They can be a super virus spreader once infected without knowing it.
  • Government, Insurance and Health Organizations: Incentive program to encourage seniors to maintain exercise routine to stay healthy, reduce  the risk of bad falls and provide quick service in case of falls – All which lower healthcare cost
  • Corporate Wellness Program: Encourage employees to exercise regularly and pay attention to degrading vital parameters for early detection of potential health problem which reduces the medical insurance cost