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AnyCARE TAP2 Health Monitor & Family Connect Service

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A smartwatch that combines SOS Medical alert, Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter (sp02), Heart Rate, Fitness Tracker and more into one sleek wearable watch.

TAP2 Smartwatch Features: Vitals checked and monitored every 30-minutes

  • Body temperature
  • Steps
  • Heart rate

TAP to also monitor

  • SpO2
  • HRV
  • Sleep quality

Double-tap for SOS Medical alert

  • Connect via Bluetooth with paired smartphone to alert Family Connect contacts

TAP2 Smartwatch Specs:

1.3” Display
Heart rate
Up to 12 day battery life
Waterproof IP67
30-day cloud data storage
Nylon-woven band

Log in to Family Connect App to:
Monitor and chart TAP2 user’s vitals in realtime

  • Body temperature
  • Steps
  • Heart rate
  • SpO2
  • HRV
  • Sleep quality
  • Receive SOS Alert notifications

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Android 4.3 or iOS 8.0 or above required