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How It Works

Checking in on loved ones has never been easier

The AnyCARE system connects an innovative health monitor smartwatch, that scans and tracks the wearer’s vitals, such as Temperature, Blood Oxygen Level, Heart Rate, Sleep, Exercise and more, to an App located on the wearer's cell phone. The information is then shared in real time with all family members connected through the Family Connect App.
The AnyCARE System
For example, Mom is wearing the TAP2 Health monitor smartwatch and her son has the Family Connect App on his iPhone. Checking in on Mom is as simple as opening the App and seeing her current vitals. If Mom's vitals should change, such as a rising temperature is detected, an alert will be sent out to all those connected to her Family Connect App. Her son also rests assured that Mom can call for help at any time simply by tapping her TAP2 smartwatch. An SOS alert is sent to all family members and caregivers Mom has listed in her Family Connect App.
How it Works Steps