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How It Works

AnyCARE TAP2 Health Watch and Telehealth Solutions
  • [SELF-HEALTH MANAGEMENT] Enjoy your healthier living with prevention and early detection of any negative vital change using the TAP2 Health Watch, which provides daily and historical trends of your vitals, such as body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen(SPO2), heart rate variability(HRV), activity and sleep status.
  • [REMOTE HEALTH MONITORING] Enhance your loved one's health by monitoring their health status remotely at any time using AnyCARE Family Connect apps on your phone, as identifying early health problems is so important these days. One year subscription fee is included on the watch price.
  • [MEDICAL ALERT] An effective, yet free safety solution for your loved one, who lives alone. This service enables the watch user to get an urgent help from right next door by double tapping the face of the watch in case they can't reach the phone for help due to a fall or illness. This is a must safety solution for seniors prone to fall. 
  • [TAP2 Health Watch Differentiation] The TAP2 health watch is not just another smartwatch. It's the best tool for personal health management and prevention with AnyCARE Family Connect apps. It's affordable, yet highly effective end-to-end health and safety solutions to enhance your happy family life.

Enhancing the Health and Safety of Loved Ones has never been Easier and Affordable

The AnyCARE telehealth solution based on the TAP2 Health Watch and Family Connect app is ideal for families with elderly loved ones, as identifying early health problems is so important.

For example, Jane has an elderly mom living independently at home. Jane has the Family Connect App on her cell phone and her mom is wearing the TAP2 Health Watch. For Jane, checking in on her mom is as simple as opening her Family Connect App and viewing her current and historical vitals for any changes on the data trends. Jane also rests assured that her mom can send a help message at any time simply by tapping her TAP2 watch even if she is unable to reach her cell phone after a fall. An SOS alert is sent to all family connected to her Family Connect App or to friends and neighbors with AnyCARE Help Connect app. 


How To Connect a TAP2 Watch To Your Phone For The First Time:

Before starting the following procedure, please charge the watch battery and turn on the Bluetooth, which can be found under Settings.

If you can’t see full signup or Sign in screen, you need to reduce the font size to see the full screen during setup. Please go to Settings and select Display & Brightness for iPhone or Display for Android phone. Then, select Text size for iPhone or Font size and style for Android phone. Set the Text or Font size to the middle.  You should be able to see the full menu screen.

  1. Visit www.anycare.cc using your phone
  2. Select the download link, App Store for iPhones, or Google Play for Android phones, in the middle of the Home screen
  3. Download the “AnyCARE Family Connect” app from the app store and open the app from your phone
  4. Accept the phone setup related permissions
  5. Select Sign Up and enter the required information. If you can’t see the Sign Up button, please scroll up the Sign Up/Sign In screen.
  6. Select User, as a watch user
  7. Select “Connect” button at the middle of the Home screen
  8. Select “Bluetooth Paring” button
  9. Select the TAP2 to pair the watch with the phone. If multiple TAP2 devices are displayed, select the MAC Address with the last 4 digits from your watch. Your watch’s MAC address is at the My Watch screen, which can be displayed by scrolling up from the Home screen
  10. Select “Connect” button again
  11. The app will initiate the syncing process, which takes less than 1 min with normal cellular coverage & Internet
  12. Once it completes the initialization, the watch will display correct time and your name and phone number will appear on My Watch screen.
  13. You can click the Sync icon on the Home screen if your data on the app is not current

Additional Steps for Android Phone Users Only:

Android phones kill the app during background operations and disconnect the Bluetooth for battery saving. To enable the app running during the background operation, please make the following setup on your Android phone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Apps
  3. Select AnyCARE
  4. Select Battery
  5. Select Unrestricted

For older models, continue the following setup after selecting Battery at step 4 :

  1. Select Optimize battery usage
  2. Select App not optimized
  3. Select All
  4. Select AnyCARE to make it Unoptimized
  6. Check Optimize battery usage to make sure it’s setup as "Not optimized”

If there is Internet speed limitation, it will take long time to Sync the data or fail to sync the data during initialization. If you have the Sync problem, you may move the phone for better cellular or WiFi coverage or reset the phone power.