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How our system works and gives you peace-of-mind.

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The AnyCARE Health Monitor & Alert System combines an innovative smartwatch that scans and tracks the wearer’s temperature, blood oxygen levels, sleep, exercise, and more, to an App that connects to multiple user’s phones. For example, Mom is wearing the Tap2 Health Monitor watch, and her son has the Family Connect App on his Apple iPhone. Checking-in on Mom is now as simple as opening an app on his iPhone and seeing her vitals. He also rests assured that Mom can call for help by simply “Tapping” her Tap2 Health Monitor watch. An alert is then sent to all family members connected to her Family Connect App, as well as her care community's dashboard, where a caregiver can quickly come to her aid, or call for medical assistance.

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More importantly, our Health tracking system can prevent the spread of infectious diseases like human Coronavirus within a care facility. By monitoring temperatures and blood oxygen levels, you can track initial symptoms, and interfere before spread.