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What is AnyCARE business?

Health and safety solutions provider, which includes AnyCARE Tap health monitors, smartphone apps and Cloud based service platform for seniors and senior care business partners.

Is AnyCARE Tap a medical device certified by the FDA? 

No, the AnyCARE Tap is not a medical device. The Tap is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease or medical condition.

What's the usage of SpO2 feature in the AnyCARE Tap?
Tap_SpO2 has a built-in pulse oximeter function, which measures blood oxygen level every 30 minutes and save the data. AnyCARE Tap sends a warning message to the user and caregiver in case the blood oxygen saturation level drops below 90%. This low blood oxygen level could be caused by a possible lung damage, which requires immediate medical attention.
Why do I need the SOS call function from AnyCARE Tap when I have a smartphone?
The SOS call function of the Tap can be a life saver in case you can't move to get your phone nearby under various emergency situations, such as a serious fall, stroke, or heart attack. The Tap on your wrist allows you to make a call and send the help message along with your location information to your family, caregiver and friends nearby. Please make sure your smartphone maintains Bluetooth connection with the AnyCARE Tap always to enable this SOS call function.

How long will the battery last? 

It depends on the operational mode. The Tap_SpO2 battery will last approximately 2 weeks by switching off the daily blood oxygen monitoring. With the daily blood oxygen monitoring on, it will last about 4 days. 

The Tap_Temp battery will last approximately 1 week.

How do I recharge the Tap battery ?

For Tap_SpO2: Using a magnetic charging cable provided. It does not require precision alignment. You simply hold the charging connector near the back of the Tap watch. It will snap into the connector automatically.

For Tap_Temp: Using USB charging port on the Tap after removing the wrist strap on the touch key side

How long does it take to recharge?

It will take about 1.5 hour to charge the battery in full.

What type of warranty will you offer? 

We provide a 2 year warranty for any hardware failures. The software will be updated over-the-air for any bug fix or update.

Is AnyCARE Tap water proof? 

Yes, it meets IP67 water proof requirements. You can take a shower with the Tap watch. 

Is there a monthly fee for the medical alert features?

Yes, but the first year service fee of $60 is included in the promotional price. AnyCARE monthly service fee of $5 is significantly lower than the typical monthly fee of $15 to $35 per month charged by other medical alert service providers.

Can AnyCARE Tap be used for younger women and children as well? 

Our initial target user for Tap is seniors. However, AnyCARE Tap is a smartwatch, which can be used by young women and children for their safety protection, too.

Will AnyCARE Tap be available internationally?

Yes, we believe seniors all over the world should be able to take part in AnyCARE’s mission to protect seniors.

Can AnyCARE Tap contact 911?

Yes, but there is limitation in 911 service areas. The Tap is designed to make a call to a family member, caregiver or neighbor, who can contact 911, if necessary.

Will AnyCARE Tap trigger SOS call accidentally?

We've taken preventative measures to limit accidental triggers. Once AnyCARE Tap SOS call is activated, the Tap watch will be vibrated and a SOS message will be displayed on the Tap watch. User can deactivate the outgoing alert by pressing the Touch key for 2 seconds to reduce the false alert.

Does the Tap require a cellular device subscription?  

No, the Tap communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone which handles emergency calls.

How far away from smartphone can AnyCARE Tap work?

AnyCARE Tap uses a Bluetooth low-energy protocol to communicate with the smartphone. AnyCARE Tap will maintain the Bluetooth connection up to about 20 feet and will send a vibration alert in case it loses the connection with your smartphone. It will reconnect to the smartphone once the distance apart is less than 20 feet. Thus it is important for the Tap user to have their smartphone nearby.

What if you are in an area with poor cellular signal? Will this device still function?

There are two aspects of the AnyCARE Tap operations, one for activity and health data collection and another for medical alert function. The activity and health data tracking will not be affected by a poor cellular signal. The activity and health tracking data are sent via a Bluetooth connection between the Tap watch and your smartphone.

The second is the outreach to your emergency contacts. AnyCARE Tap connects with your mobile phone (via Bluetooth) to send messages with your location to your emergency contacts. NOTE: If your smartphone does not have a good wireless connection due to poor or no cellular signal, then the SOS call and message will not be sent.

What if you are in an area with bad Bluetooth connection to the smartphone? Will this device still function?

The Tap watch initiated SOS alert will not be sent to your smartphone without the Bluetooth connection. Therefore, your smartphone can't send the SOS call and message to the emergency contacts. Note: It’s very important to make sure the Tap watch maintains the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone all the time to enable the medical alert.

Am I being tracked all the time? 

No, your GPS coordinates will only be sent when you activate an SOS call - and only to those you designate as your emergency contacts. 

How do you ensure privacy? 

User privacy is of the utmost concern for us. We've secured our infrastructure with powerful encryption so your data is always private and safe. Our system is consistently updated with the latest security patches and our network's firewall is constantly monitored to prevent unwanted visitors. In addition, we do not store or retain your location information other than using it for alert purposes.

What currency are the prices do I see in the site?
All prices are in USD.

I just placed an order, when will it ship?
We try our best to ship items as fast as we can. Please allow 4-7 days production time for your order to ship out, average shipping times are 15-21 days. Tracking numbers will be updated 3-5 days after your order has been shipped. If you don't have a tracking number after 7 business days, please email us at sales@anycare.cc.

I am not in love with my order, can it be returned? What if there is an issue?
We offer a 100 % money back guarantee, if the product is defective or damaged. We give you 30 days to send it back to us for a full refund. You must ship it back at your own expense, once we have received the product we will refund the full amount of your original purchase. Please Include all a name and order number on the returned parcels.
Please note: If you your package is on the way, you must wait for it to arrive and return it before receiving a refund.

Can I cancel my order?
You are able to cancel your order with no penalty! You must cancel your order before it ships. If the item is already sent please use our easy return system to get a full refund.

I have entered an incorrect address what do I do now?
If you have miss spelled or auto filled in a incorrect address, simply reply to your order conformation email and confirm. Once you double check if the address given is wrong kindly notify us via email at sales@anycare.cc. If the given address is wrong we can change the address to the correct one within 24 hours. No refund will be given after the 24 hours of incorrect submission.

How long does shipping take?
Shipping times vary as we do ship worldwide from different fulfillment centers based on your location. The average shipping time is 15-25 business days.

I have a question that wasn't answered, can you please help?Absolutely!

Please send us an email to sales@anycare.cc. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.We do receive a large number of emails, If you wish to get a prompt response please attach your order number and address the problem clearly, thanks.